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Sample strips from two FANTASTIC series.  The first is 'Nienna', which takes place in the land of Narssa, where the elven race over the last thousand years has begun to dissolve. The elven men have all but died leaving only the females, who have become much like a myth - and they are long sought after like gold. This is the story of one such female, Nienna. She is a rogue elf traveling in secret from village to village, keeping to herself. However others have plans for such a rare gift... Story & Art by POOCHY.

Then a sick and twisted tale from the perverted mind of JAG27, 'Desires of the Flesh'. Two silly teenagers explore an old costume shop owned in the the 50's by a strange fellow named Jackson Ridley. They find some disturbing sexual imagery and rubber prosthetics... then a secret passage which they curiously enter. It seems to lead to an old storeroom - or is it a dungeon? Little did they know Old Man Ridley still haunts these premises...

So, enjoy these two samples, then read the FULL COMICS VERSION at the BEST 3d XXX Comics site on the 'Net, Crazy XXX 3d World!

'Nienna' by POOCHY
Gallery One - Erotic Art and Story by POOCHY

Gallery One
'Desires...' by Jag27
Gallery Two - Erotic Art and Story by Jag27

Gallery Two
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